Print-at-home Astronomy Calendars

Our new Monthly Calendars help you plan your stargazing activities. We have included things you can see with just your eyes or through binoculars (or via the internet in the case of rocket launches or most eclipses!).

Many of the entries within the PDF calendars include weblinks so you can discover more about the astronomical events and objects. We've also created a new Stargazing Glossary to help you expand your astronomical vocabulary as you use the calendars.

Highlights for January include Mercury at its highest altitude, and chances to see open star clusters. In February, Venus is at its greatest brightness.

Download, print, and display the calendars at home or in your classroom! We'll publish each calendar a month or two in advance.

NSO AstroCal January
January 2021
NSO AstroCal February
February 2022
NSO AstroCal March
March 2022