Primary Christmas Lecture


The children loved hunting for presents and mapping these on the galaxy map. They also were very enthusiastic in the quiz and yoga sessions. Thank you it was great to join in.


The best part for me is how this event breaks down stereotypes for children as they got to see a variety of people, who are all engaged and working in scientific fields.


Children loved the Yoga session! Engaged the boys especially!


Our 2021 Primary Christmas Lecture has finished now. But if you missed it you can watch it on YouTube!


During the event children were challenged to create their own constellations; do some cosmic yoga and of course track the elves' search for Santa's lost presents on a map of the Universe.


You will need materials to create your constellations. We recommend each child has a piece of black paper and chalk or 10 star stickers, but plain paper and crayons can also be used.

Cosmic Yoga

You will need space to stand up and move your arms around.

Map of the Universe

If you want to track the elves' progress, download this PDF map, you can fill it out in a PDF editor or print it out.



We also have previous years' videos available to watch.