3-Colour Imaging on the Liverpool Telescope

Have you seen colour pictures of nebulae and galaxies? Have you thought about how those pictures were made? Did you know you can make your own with Go Observing and LTImage?

We make colour images by combining 3 images of the same object. We use a different filter on the telescope's camera for each image. Usually, colour images are created from red, green and blue images. This results in true to life, colour images. However, the Liverpool Telescope's filters are not quite centred on the red, green and blue parts of the spectrum This means the pictures you make using LTImage are not quite what human eye will see. But they can be very close to it, if you do it well! 

 Our video shows you how to request a 3-colour observation.

Step by Step Guide - How to request a 3-colour observation

**BSL translated version of this video available here**

You will then need to align and combine the images. Watch this video to learn how to do this in LTImage.

We also have a workshop on this topic. It supports students to develop their knowledge of light and colour while creating spectacular images.