La Palma Weather Update

We have a little update from the Liverpool Telescope (LT) team...

The next bout of bad weather hit La Palma a little earlier than forecast; snow and ice now cover the roads at the mountaintop. The ORM have officially closed the roads leading to the telescopes, so engineering and maintenance support contractor Dirk Raback was not able to get to site today. More ice and sub-zero temperatures are expected over the weekend, which will no doubt deposit more ice on what we already have. Dirk will attempt to get to the LT again on Monday, but nevertheless we expect to be off-sky until Wednesday 28th February at the earliest.

The NSO still has an extensive archive of previous observations you can use, and we will keep you posted with more updates as we get them. In the mean time we thought you might like to see what it is like at the top of the ORM at the moment.

Road sign covered in ice
It's a good job Dirk knows the way to the telescope
Dirk Raback
Road ahead closed
Even so, this is the closest Dirk could get to the LT (23/Feb)
Dirk Raback


Ice falling from the buidling
Better be careful opening that door Dirk!
Dirk Raback
Staircase covered in thick ice
I don't think these stairs are safe to climb!
Dirk Raback
Parked cars
It's going to take a while to scrape the ice of these cars!
Dirk Raback