Earth, Sun and Moon

The Earth is the planet that we all live on.

As with all planets it is spherical in shape, although some ancient civilisations thought that the Earth was flat! It orbits around the Sun, and is the third planet out from the centre of our Solar System.

The Moon is a natural satellite of the Earth, meaning that it orbits around the Earth.

It is the only place outside of the Earth that humans have ever been! We can often see the Moon on a clear night, but it does appear to change shape during the 29 days it takes to orbit the Earth.

Both the Earth and Moon orbit around the Sun, which is a star sitting in the centre of our Solar System.

The Sun provides the light and heat that we have during the daytime, it is the energy it provides which keeps all things on Earth alive. The Sun is massive, and over a million Earth's could fit inside it!

It is the Earth's movement around the Sun once a year that leads to the four seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

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Day and Night

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