Day and Night

Sunset gives way to Night
Credit: Chris Gin

We get Day and Night because the Earth spins around each day, making the Sun and stars seem to move across the sky. The Sun and stars appear to rise in the East and set in the West.

You can learn more about the rotation of the Earth.

You can also explore how the shadows we see here on Earth change depending upon the position of the Sun during the day.



In the table below we have a selection of movies to help you see how this works at different times of the year.


Season Horizon View (300KB) World View (250KB)
Spring View Movie View Movie
Summer View Movie View Movie
Autumn View Movie View Movie
Winter View Movie View Movie


If you are not sure how best to use these movies, why not try the following workshop:


Day and Night Workshop

You can also see the differences around the world by looking at our world view of day and night and doing the associated workshop.