An Example Dataset

To start your investigation, we suggest you measure the brightness of as many stars as possible from a test dataset taken by Faulkes Telescope (FT) North of the open cluster, NGC 957. The two FITS files required are available for download under Figure 1. A finder chart for this open cluster is also available.

Once you have created your CMD, you may wish to compare it with our version (see Figure 1). If your plot looks like Figure 1, you can be confident to proceed with some other datasets. Once you are happy that you can produce a plot which is similar to that above, you can continue and analyse some additional datasets. Also at the bottom of this page are two much larger files (in B and V) containing images of the globular cluster, 47 Tuc. Aside from the size of these files, you will see that the globular clusters contain many more stars and are very densely packed. It will be possible though to take a small area of this image and complete the photometry in the same way as you would with an open cluster. If you do this, you should see that the stars are now plotted in different parts of the CMD.

Figure 1: CMD for NGC 957.
Credit: Fraser Lewis


NGC957 V-band FITS file (2 MB)

NGC957 B-band FITS file (2 MB)

47 Tuc V-band FITS file (20 MB)

47 Tuc B-band FITS file (20 MB)

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