Conclusions and Reflection


You may wish to draw some conclusions and perhaps produce a small report based on your findings. Some questions that you may want to consider might include

  • From the colour magnitude diagram that you produce, can you see any comparisons with that of NGC957?
  • Are you able to identify regions of your diagram where most stars are ... and others where there are few stars?
  • Does your cluster have a clear main sequence?
  • Are there any stars in your diagram that might represent stars that are not on the main sequence, such as red giants or supergiants?
  • If there are, what might that tell us about the cluster? And what further studies might you wish to undertake?
  • Based on your knowledge of open clusters, can you suggest a Trumpler classification for your cluster?




You've now reached the end of this activity and we would be very grateful if you could take a few moments to complete this survey. This will allow us to see which parts you enjoyed most (and least!) and what other activities might be of interest to you.

If you have any further comments or would like to send us any results that you have produced, please send them to clusters (at)

Credit: Stefan Ritt