View Your Data

Choose a CSV file: 

View your data

Use the [Choose file] button and then select the .csv file you used to calculate your magnitude and B-V colour (make sure the data is in the same columns as shown in the examples).

You will see a plot that shows the stars you measured:

  • The x-coordinate is on the X-axis and y-coordinate is on the Y-axis.
  • The colour of each circle represents the approximate colour of each star.
  • The size of each circle represents the star's brightness with bigger circles meaning brighter.

View a colour-magnitude diagram

Click on 'Switch to CMD'. You will see the plot changes to show magnitude on the Y-axis and colour on the X-axis.

Use the test data

There is a simulated data file that you can use to test the tool here


Draw some conclusions

If you haven't already, have a go at plotting your data.