Wedi’i anelu at ddisgyblion 7-14 oed, mae’r gweithgaredd hwn yn cynnwys cydosod jig-so mawr o'r Leuad. Mae’r canlyniad terfynol yn ddelwedd fanwl, lle gall y disgyblion wedyn defnyddio fo i astudio wyneb y Lleuad.

Lunar Craters - Secondary

Aimed at pupils aged 11-14 this workshop provides an opportunity for both a scientific investigation and study of the Moon. Pupils investigate the lunar surface and analyse a region, looking at the number of craters and the distribution of those craters, learning about geological processes.

Apollo Missions

The Apollo program was a NASA mission to land humans on the Moon from 1969 to 1972. Six of the missions (Apollo 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, and 17) were successful in landing astronauts on the Moon. There were also many unmanned Moon landings. The Apollo missions followed NASA's Mercury and Gemini missions.


Aimed at pupils aged between 7-14 this activity involves arrange a large jigsaw of the Moon. The end result is a detailed image, which the pupils then use to study the Moon’s surface.

Lunar Mountains

Aimed at pupils aged 11-16, this workshop challenges students to measure the shadows cast on the Moon’s surface, then utilise algebraic techniques to determine the height of those mountains.