Earth's Moon

Lunar Libration

A video of lunar libration made by taking photos night after night for a month, showing a wobbleThe Moon is locked with the Earth, which means that we always see the same side of the Moon. You would think that this meant that we could only see 50% of the Moon's surface, but we can see slightly more from Earth.

Keep a Moon Diary

Have you noticed the Moon is brighter some nights than others? And it looks like the Moon changes shape? We call these changes the phases of the Moon.

A calendar for a month that has been partially filled in to show the phase of the Moon on each day.

Karlie Noon

Karlie Noon
Karlie Noon
Credit: Rhett Wyman, Sydney Morning Herald
Used by permission

Occupation: Astronomer

Research Areas: Galaxy Evolution, Indigenous Astronomy, Moon Haloes



Wedi’i anelu at ddisgyblion 7-14 oed, mae’r gweithgaredd hwn yn cynnwys cydosod jig-so mawr o'r Leuad. Mae’r canlyniad terfynol yn ddelwedd fanwl, lle gall y disgyblion wedyn defnyddio fo i astudio wyneb y Lleuad.

Earth's Moon

The Moon at Last Quarter Phase
Credit: NSO

The Moon is the Earth's only natural satellite. We know it as 'the Moon' but scientists sometimes call it Luna. The word 'lunar' means 'relating to the Moon'.