Star Gazing

UK Star Gazing

Light pollution in the UK
Credit: Need-Less

There are many remote locations around the British Isles that allow us to see the night sky in its full glory, especially in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. However, the top ten star-gazing locations, as suggested by the Guardian Newspaper, are as follows:


Light Pollution

Light Pollution near Wickham, Essex
Credit: Need-Less

Light pollution, or sky-glow, is caused by street lighting in urban areas escaping upwards into the night sky and creating a hazy orange glow that can obscure our view of the stars.

Sky Map Help

Day and Night - Sky Map

The main part of each image shows the positions of the stars and Moon. Because the sky is not flat, but is rather like a big dome over us, it is difficult to draw the whole sky in one go on a flat piece of paper or on the computer screen.