Calculate Your Age on Another Planet

Every year, the Earth completes one orbit of the Sun and every year, you have a birthday! And each day, the Earth rotates on its axis. But how old would you be in days or years on another planet?

Do the maths to find out! Then check it with our online calculator.

By the end of this activity you will:

  • Have calculated how many Earth days old you are
  • Used data and maths to work out how old you would be on another planet
  • Have compared your ages on different planets in our Solar System
  • Have calculated how many days old you would be on another planet

To complete this activity you will need: 

  • To watch the video on this page
  • To complete the worksheet (click here to open the worksheet)
  • The Planet Data Sheet (below)
  • Some paper and a pen
  • A calculator (optional)