Space Exploration

Astronaut on EVA
An astronaut on an EVA (extravehicular activity) on the
International Space Station
Credit: NASA

As well as using instruments like telescopes to explore the Universe, humans have explored space themselves since the 1950s. This requires the development of powerful rockets, and other types of technology such as robot rovers and space stations.

The drive to explore space with more than just telescopes is driven by the human desire for adventure, and the advancement of science. It also requires countries to work together and often leads to the development of technology which can be used in our every day lives.

Our Space Debate activities for Primary and Secondary schools encourage pupils to debate a topic linked to the exploration and study of space.

Why not take a look at this brief history of space exploration, and look to the future of human space flight.

Human Space Flight

Credit: NASA

Space Stations

Credit: NASA


Credit: NASA

Robots and Space Probes

Credit: NASA