Telescopes Quiz

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Telescopes are used to magnify distant objects. They are a vital tool for astronomy. Over the last few hundred years, scientists and engineers have built bigger and better telescopes, revealing the mysteries of the Universe. But how much do you know about telescopes on Earth and beyond?


Tana Joseph

Dr Tana Joseph at Jodrell Bank, UK
Credit: Willie Runte. All rights reserved.
Used by permission.

Occupation: Astronomer and Science Communicator

Year born: 1984

Research Areas: Extragalactic X-ray Binaries, Radio Astronomy


"Science isn’t done until it is communicated."

La Palma, Canary Islands

The Canary Islands can be found off the west coast of Africa. Most of the islands are popular holiday destinations, like Tenerife. But the island of La Palma is different. There are no white sandy beaches on La Palma. Like the rest of this chain of islands, it was created by a volcano. This can still be seen rising 2,400 metres (nearly 8,000 feet) above the Atlantic Ocean. It is now extinct and does not pose a treat to the area. But it's height and position makes it one of the best sites in the world to look up at the night sky.