Dr Jaclyn Bell - Science Communicator

Jackie Bell appearing on "Astronauts:
Do You Have What It Takes?"

Credit: BBC

Name: Dr Jaclyn Bell

Nationality: UK

Occupation: Science communicator, wannabe astronaut

Education: Undergraduate degree in Mathematics, Masters degree in Mathematical Sciences, Doctorate in Theoretical Particle Physics

Buzz Aldrin

  • Buzz Aldrin in 1969
    Credit: NASA
    Name: Edwin Eugene Aldrin Jr.
  • Born: 20th January 1930
  • Nationality: USA
  • Occupation: astronaut, fighter pilot, engineer
  • Time in space: 12 days, 1 hour, 52 minutes

Human Space Flight

Astronaut Bruce McCandless floating freely
in his space suit
Credit: NASA

How many astronauts can you name? Maybe 1 or 2? Well done if you can name more than 5! But did you know more than 500 people from more than 30 countries have been to space?!

The Future of Space Exploration

What will the future of space exploration hold? At the moment there are more than 70 government space agencies. These include the American agency, NASA and the European agency, ESA. There are also a number of commercial companies, like SpaceX. All of these groups have plans for the next giant leaps forward in space exploration.