You have probably seen the Moon in the sky but have you ever studied it in detail? 

In this activity, you will complete a jigsaw of the Moon’s surface - a Moonsaic! There are several versions of the ‘Moonsaic’, all created using images taken using the Liverpool Telescope. The different images show the Moon during its phases, plus the landing sites from the Apollo missions.  

Try completing 1 or 2 different puzzles and looking for any differences. What do the differences tell you about the Moon? – hint! Think about the shape of the Moon and where the light comes from. 

By the end of this activity you will:

  • Know more about the surface and features of the Moon
  • Have thought about why the Moon looks different during each phase

To complete this activity you will need: 

  • To download the Moonsaic file(s)
  • Access to a printer
  • Glue (optional) to stick the pieces together

Credit: The Schools' Observatory