Night sky

Explore The Moon's Surface

You have probably seen the Moon in the sky but have you ever studied it in detail?

The surface of the Moon with cartoon rulers and tally-counts

What Can We See on the Moon?

The image shows a picture of the Moon against a dark blue background. There are labels pointing to different features on the surface of the Moon.

Why Does the Moon Have Phases?

The Moon is the brightest object in the night sky when its whole face is showing. This only happens at full Moon. So why isn't it always a full Moon? 

Left-side: The Moon orbiting the Earth. Top right: Crescent Moon. Bottom right: A month from a calendar.

Astronomical Influencers Quiz

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Test your astronomy knowledge while learning about the who's who of ancient to present day astronomy! 

Night Sky

Dark skies!
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Stargazing is something that we can all do. You just need to look up at the night sky. But there are ways to improve your experience. We have put together some tools for you. They should help you to plan your stargazing and help you understand what you see.