Space Jobs Game

When you think of space jobs, do you think of astronauts? Did you know there are lots of other jobs out there for people who like space, science, or technology?

Do you like solving puzzles and learning new things? You might enjoy being a computer programmer! Or do you like to collect objects and share your passion with others? You might enjoy working in a museum! Play our Space Jobs Game to find out what role suits your skills and qualities.

By the end of this activity you will:

  • Know a wide range of jobs for people who are interested in space, science, and technology
  • Have thought about your own skills, qualities, and interests
  • Discovered which role would suit you best!

To complete this activity you will need: 

  • The List of Space Jobs
  • Someone else to play the game with (the game is suitable for 2 or more people)


Cartoons of people doing different jobs linked to science, technology, engineering and maths, against a backdrop of space