Other Exoplanet Activities and Resources

Well done for completing the Exoplanets Project! Has this given you a new interest? Want to carry on exploring other distant worlds? Well, below are a set of other resources that you can try next. .

Extrasolar Planets Lab Use simulators to explore both radial velocity and transit methods of finding exoplanets. Created by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
Transit Database This is a large database of transit data ready to be explored and analysed. It has been created by the Czech Astronomical Society.
Data Explorer A similar database to the one above. But please note that it has not been updated since 2018.
NASA Exoplanets This website lets you see the current number of exoplanets found. You can also learn more about missions like Kepler and K2.
NASA Citizen Science Why not work with NASA data and help them with their exoplanet science?
James Webb Space Telescope Webb will tell us more about the atmospheres of other worlds. The data it collects could help us find life on other planets.