An artist's impression of Makemake
Credit: NASA, ESA, A. Parker and M. Buie (Southwest Research
Institute), W. Grundy (Lowell Observatory), and K. Noll (NASA GSFC)

Makemake (pronounced Mah-keh Mah-keh) is a dwarf planet that was first discovered in 2005.

It orbits at an average distance of 45.8 astronomical units (AU), but can reach as close as 38.5 AU and as far out as 53.1 AU. This means it takes Makemake 310 years to make one orbit of the Sun.

Its radius is roughly three-quarters that of Pluto. Makemake has no known moons and observations suggest an extremely low average temperature of around -243°C (or 30K).

Makemake is also a type of plutoid. These are dwarf planets that circle the Sun beyond the orbit of Neptune. It's so far away that if we sent a spacecraft to it, when it was at it's closest point to the Earth, even with a boost given by Jupiter, it would take 16 years for the spacecraft to arrive at Makemake.