Stem Club Booklets - Resources

The NSO STEM Club booklets provide three levels of activities (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) for both Primary and Secondary schools, with students gaining certificates at the end of each stage. Each level contains six sessions, designed to take around an hour each week, over six weeks.

These pages have all the supplementary resources referenced in the NSO STEM Club Booklets.

Primary Resources

Credit: NSO

Secondary Resources

Credit: NSO


Leader Booklets provide enough support for someone with little-to-no science background to run the club, making it ideal for a parent, teaching assistant, or even an older pupil. Some of the sessions require the use of supplementary instructions or printouts which are not included in the main booklets but are accessed via the weblinks above.

Some of the session require the use of a computer and our free software, LTImage. Here is the link to LTImage and some screencasts that provide extra help on using the software.

The student workbooks include spaces to record answers and achievements. Once a level has been completed, the club leader can request certificates for their club.

To run the sessions as a STEM Club Leader you will need to register for a Teacher Account (if you don't already have one) and then create student accounts for your students. We have a help page that guides you through creating student accounts.


Want to give us some brief feedback on a session? Use this online form.